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Date: 06 Jun,2020 Mail: xxxan lalitvote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: I am earning a lot of money than other company so again thank you.
Date: 06 Jun,2020 Mail: xxxirichardvote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: That\'s good investment plan and smooth site,very good admin. they paid me again & again very good program. They are give every time payment & support thank you sir
Date: 05 Jun,2020 Mail: xxxndanvote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: Hello brendantaylor. $152.00 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 16dS6N9kGQuMkAtbqvvbpN7yxduEHXJnGx. Transaction batch is https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/915a260cd2d31c95f9a65d5e7cc85f2a46bf13153154a85d598eb599cb42a7d6. ritrexcapital.com https://ritrexcapital.com
Date: 04 Jun,2020 Mail: xxxlorstevenvote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: wounder full plan structure and safe , secure platform with we can do best with ritrexcapital, without any problem we can get a good profit from in. thanks sir
Date: 02 Jun,2020 Mail: xxxervote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: Hello petertrego. $13.79 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1FFnEFKETxqTtbt9TUFgFU15sVheRopCZK. Transaction batch is https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/8ec8163ac8cbcea34a499ce89d4dfbef1aa60788c885d3010adcbafaf2680f29. ritrexcapital.com https://ritrexcapital.com
Date: 04 Apr,2020 Mail: xxxlovote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: Received my money without any problems,so happy and thank you so much
Date: 02 Apr,2020 Mail: xxxthvote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: Congratulations on your hyip. You did a very good job. Hope to see you paid many more payments to come soon!
Date: 30 Mar,2020 Mail: xxxyvote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: Paying consistently,very stable and great project.Thanks admin!!!
Date: 28 Mar,2020 Mail: xxxervote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: payment received ! very good site with stable plan! Thank you admin!!!
Date: 26 Mar,2020 Mail: xxxndantaylorvote for ritrexcapital.com
Comment: Received BTC March 26 2020 @ 12.36 PM To: 16dS6N9kGQuMkAtbqvvbpN7yxduEHXJnGx From: Ritrexcapital $35 0.00525942 BTC

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