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Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxrikh10@gmail.comvote for
Comment: Payment was done today my bitcoin wallet. +1.96407377 BTC Transaction code: ab299dc752567415cb1c4dd9c0c815852095501202342c2c15b28ae2fe807eca
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxn1tt@gmail.comvote for
Comment: A deposit of 1.43188095 BTC Has been received and confirmed into your Wallet. Transaction ID 3523d4c7afe47c23b01ff3b0f4d0bd821272c5bbfe0cef029586585bea070bea.
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxdre2gg@gmail.comvote for
Comment: Withdrawal has been processed. 1.43188095 BTC Batch id: 3523d4c7afe47c23b01ff3b0f4d0bd821272c5bbfe0cef029586585bea070bea
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxinu@tryzoe.comvote for
Comment: Marvelous !!! My withdrawal to PM was processed in less than 5 minutes.
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxihoy@amadamus.comvote for
Comment: Received Bitcoin +6.44004369 BTC From bitcoin address ... View transaction 76ad0e1a3478e1b558b0ece24eedc62ca352378e747f946ffd14fbe4e3037cfa
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxiz@nyrmusic.comvote for
Comment: 30.10.2018 2 BTC has been successfully sent to my Bitcoin account Transaction batch is 3db99ef85306de4d6904e44232d3b554dd5af2174706a411bee66f27e0966148.
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxecaw@zdenka.netvote for
Comment: COMPLETED Btc amount: 1.10503777 Hash: c8bef9e3ba37220ca48381efd08d446816835ebe82c5f30e2953953150114b43 30 OCt 2018
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxlzaxxxx@gmail.comvote for
Comment: Date : 30 OCT 2018 Transaction done on time ! +1.57949 BTC 1831bfdd56c41107ea7162219cc85fb61ace080c67391495fffbf68b3550c4d3.
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxd5701@gmail.comvote for
Comment: 1.57559562 BTC has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1AVL2ssCQ7YDQQXaxuaKpRNRhvu6nA6hp8 Transaction batch is 66e1db3f3328cf627b2e3d2dd454dd5baae3d2e5e5ae335d02651852e2aa8ac1.
Date: 30 Oct,2018 Mail: xxxdaball@gmail.comvote for
Comment: BLOCKCHAIN Date : 2018-10-30 02:38 Amount : 6.50 Currency : BTC Batch : 5701cdcf71983dde5c8a4c1593a318355c2bd570136bff88dc4e9185da565e8b. Memo :

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