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For Monitoring Sites:

To add your monitor to our database your site should have:
1. Monitoring image (ex.
2. Your site should have link to next to each program on your mail listings list.
If user will follow this link - your site will be always on top of buttons list for this visitor.

Where Program Status should be from 1 to 5:
1 - Paying
2 - Waiting
3 - Problem
4 - NotPaying
5 - Not Monitoring

For HYIP Lister users: you can place this link into your templates 'details_xxx.tpl':{$listing.url}&status={$listing.hyip_status}&lid={$}&
HTML code:
<a id="monitorsbz" href="{$listing.url}&status={$listing.hyip_status}&lid={$}&"></a>

Save these images to use as our logo: 18x18

Please send us message with your monitoring site URL throw contact us form.

For Other Sites:

Our site checks monitoring sites from our database for new listings every day. Once your site appears on any of them your domain will be automatically included in our site database.
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DISCLAIMER: We do not own or promote any programs listed here. The information provided here is for your own use. Some programs, investments or any listings here may be illegal depending on your country's laws. We do not recommend you to spend what you cannot afford to lose.